Protector of the ForestsStrategic Vision

For more than 20 years, the Faculty of Forestry has been developing and implementing its Aboriginal strategy. The Faculty of Forestry wishes to provide assistance to Aboriginal students and the wider forest community through “Commitment 4: Aboriginal Engagement” in its strategic plan.

The Faculty of Forestry is working hard to improve social support systems for Aboriginal students. We have dedicated staff to ensure a supportive environment to guide students through the many available resources on campus that honour Aboriginal peoples.  Many services and opportunities for social gatherings, mentoring and academic support take place at the Longhouse.

Our Commitment:

We work with Aboriginal peoples interested in partnerships, including First Nations, Métis and Inuit in Canada, and Indigenous peoples from around the world, to help solve challenges associated with the conservation and management of forests and the goods and services they provide.

Protector of the Forests

Expand educational opportunities for Aboriginal people and widen opportunities for all students to learn about Aboriginal issues, perspectives and culture

  • Ensure that our curricula and research accurately represent and include Aboriginal cultures, histories, and systems of knowledge, and are relevant to Aboriginal communities and their needs and concerns.
  • Ensure that students are knowledgeable about the rights of Aboriginal people, and develop consultation/negotiation/dispute resolution skills and leadership abilities.
  • Contribute to the cogeneration of knowledge.
  • Continue support for the Haida Gwaii Semester in Natural Resource Studies

Increase the amount of research being undertaken in collaboration with Aboriginal communities

  • Focus on pursuing social and economic sustainability of Aboriginal communities.
  • Establish community lead research initiative to support research by Aboriginal communities.
  • Establish long-term (>10 years) research partnerships relevant to Aboriginal forestry.

Encourage an increase the enrollment of Aboriginal students in the Faculty

  • Develop relationships with schools with high Aboriginal enrolment.
  • Create and support programs that support recruitment of aboriginal students including laddering programs at regional colleges and technical schools and direct involvement in community-based forest training initiatives.
  • Increase participation with forest sector organizations promoting education and development of forest sector human resources.
  • Provide an Aboriginal student support framework.

Increase engagement with Aboriginal communities in mutually supportive and productive relationships

  • Create a global centre of expertise for forested landscapes under Aboriginal/Indigenous management.
  • Identify and address opportunities and issues related to Aboriginal communities and integrate that learning into the Faculty’s teaching, research hand service.
  • Explore the use of alternative learning opportunities